We can search to find you the right talent

Our Recruiting Process:

Customer Branding: A good brand attracts a good talent. We have expertise to portray your brand at its very best. A candidates’ decision is based on a company’s work culture, pay, benefits and some soft sell. We take pride in being able to deliver the best image of the company and an attractive brand.

Advertising the Job properly: We at XpertTech have mastered the push strategy in getting opportunities in front of the right candidates. We use the right job boards, social media, data science and high efficiency recruiting tools to attract the right talent for your job.

Recruiting Process: Recruiting is in our DNA. We take pride in our recruitment process as it is organized to ensure a high level of delivery, but flexible enough in reacting well to changing client needs.

KPI’s: Our endogenous KPI monitoring system is best in its class and supports our recruiters to deliver a seamless and optimized talent delivery. Regular reports on key deliverables are shared with every client.

Onboarding Support: Hiring is a process and not a data point. We like our clients to experience a pleasant process which goes the extra step of providing an edge in onboarding. Our new hire compliance and background/ drug screens are best in class. We are an E-Verify employer and work with the best immigration attorneys to ensure 100% compliance with all the USCIS regulations. In most cases our AE will be onsite to introduce the candidate on their first day.

Talent Support& Optimization: We have regular check point for every consultant as they are supported and counseled for any help they may need to do their job better. This includes re-training and solving other logistical issues.

Dedicated Account Manager to Serve you:

In order to provide the best service available to our esteemed clients, we assign a single point of contact our Account Manager for every client. Our Account Manager’s sole purpose is to provide the highest level of professional service that meets your exact needs.
Some of the advantages of working with a dedicated Account Manager:

  • An understanding of the team and organization culture.
  • Ability to proactively recruit for the client.
  • Control over the back office – invoicing and time sheets.
  • Manage compliance and on-boarding requirements of the client.

Someone who is always available round the clock to serve your needs!

How are we different from other agencies:

Our value proposition is differentiated in a way that makes us better. Unlike many talent factories who try and sell what they have, we are very focused on our client needs and make sure that we are able to deliver exactly what our clients need. Our AEs imbibe the client’s internal processes in way that they can both think and understand like our clients thus making the search and delivery far more effective.
Our customer first approach also allows us to build our capabilities based on projected customer needs derived from historical factors.

One Stop Shop

Unlike in many cases our clients do not need to shop at different agencies for varying skills. We are able to cover the entire the breadth of talent required by any company. This could start from the “C” Level positions right till the “Blue Collar” Workers including: IT, Healthcare, Bio-Pharma, Accounting-Finance, Manufacturing and Administrative roles. Though our recruiting teams work in silos, each specializes in serving a particular client, while they are horizontally connected through the skills they search for and the databases they access.

Some of our services:

  • Contract
  • Contract to hire
  • Direct Hire
  • Payroll Services